What I Do

I create content at all phases of exhibit development. Wherever you are in the process of developing your project, I can help you deliver a more powerful, more effective, and more memorable message.

Concept Development

At the concept level, I develop the narrative thread that unifies the exhibition. First, I gather broad-level information about the site or resource and analyze client needs and visitor interests. In collaboration with the client, I articulate the goals and objectives of the project. From this, I develop the primary message — the main thing we want visitors to remember — and the supporting themes.


I use a wide range of sources, including but not limited to client subject experts, to search for stories that support the exhibit’s themes. A broad familiarity with the natural sciences helps me ask the right questions, converse meaningfully with scientists and other experts, pick out what is significant, and find the details and bits of color that you need to bring any story to life.

Exhibit Planning

I work with the project’s designers to devise engaging exhibits, and then script the exhibit narrative.

Crafting the message

I craft clear, lively, concise prose that provokes visitors to think, to wonder, and to care.  I write for the project, in a style appropriate to the audience.

Revising and editing

If you have content that needs to be updated, condensed, or reworked to be more engaging, you can hire me to rewrite your copy.

Contact Me

Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Send me an email at maraya at natureofstory dot com.